What To Expect…

Making the decision to get braces is exciting but the fear of the unknown may leave you wondering what to expect. Asking your friends is not always the best choice. They may not give you a true picture, so let’s talk about it.

One of the first things we do is place spacers. These are a little blue rubberbands that we floss in between the back teeth 1 week before the braces are place. They create a small space on either side of the molars so that we can fit the proper size band around the tooth. They may make your teeth tender for a couple of days as the teeth start to move. Taking an Ibuprofen and eating softer foods can get you through this time. Don’t eat anything sticky that could pull them out and don’t floss where the spacers are.

What to expect  when you get braces | Dr. Stephanie WhiteheadPutting the braces on involves trying on band sizes until we get the proper fit and then cementing them in place. The brackets are glued on the front of the teeth after they have been cleaned, dried and painted with a sealant. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how easy this appointment is. The teeth may become tender over the next few days as they start to move but it doesn’t last long.  Getting used to the feel of the braces on your lips and tongue may take a few days but we give you wax to use if you need it to act as a bumper pad. You get so used to your braces that when we take them off you will actually think it feels funny.

It is very important that you follow your instructions carefully when brushing, flossing, eating and wearing your Headgear or rubberbands. This allows your treatment to stay on schedule. Wearing braces to align your teeth is an important decision, but nothing to fear. If you have questions, just ask. We love to teach you all about what is taking place so that you can know what to expect.