Emergencies in Orthodontics

What constitutes an emergency in orthodontics? What can be done to take care of it? Who should I call?

A true emergloose bracketency is when there is pain or difficulty in chewing your food. If there has been trauma to the mouth from sports such as a baseball in the mouth or a soccer collision, I prefer that you call my office and let me evaluate the situation. Sometimes it is necessary for me to meet you at the office or I may need to refer you to see an oral surgeon or I may be able to tell you how to remedy the situation over the phone.

If you have a loose band or bracket and it is not causing any immediate pain, call the office and schedule for the earliest available appointment during business hours. If a wire is poking, use some wax to cover up the area until you can get into the office to have it repaired.

If you have lost your headgear, biteplate or retainer, call the office to schedule an appointment to have it replaced. Each of these pieces has a very important purpose in your treatment and without them the treatment cannot progress as planned.

If you have an ulcer or red swollen gums, brush and floss the area to make sure there is no food caught below the gumline. Use Peroxyl mouthrinse swishing it for 60 seconds to bubble out the area. If it does not improve within a couple of days, call the office so that I can evaluate the area.

If you have a loose bonded retainer, call the office to schedule a repair as soon as possible. If the glue is no longer attached, the teeth can shift.

Emergencies can happen so we are available to help you if they do. We want you to be taken care of and have a good experience while achieving that smile you can be proud of.