Beware of Do It Yourself Braces

rubber bands around teethThere are several YouTube videos out that talk about Do It Yourself braces.  Straightening teeth is a medical procedure involving the teeth, the gums and the supporting bone structure.  This should be done only under the guidance of a university-trained orthodontist.  Using rubber bands, dental floss, paper clips, or anything ordered over the internet can lead to permanent damage or loss of teeth.  Elastics worn around the teeth can work their way under the gums and down the roots, eventually extracting them.  A thorough examination of the teeth and bite and overall oral health should be done prior to the movement of teeth.  An orthodontist receives 2 or 3 years of specialized education after 4 years of dental school.  It is important to understand the controlled movement of teeth through the bone to achieve the desired result and how it affects the bite.

What may appear to be a simple fix could result in expensive dental work in the future.  This should never be attempted by anyone other than an orthodontist.


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