Flavors and Colors Can Make Braces Fun

One of the first appointments in an orthodontic office is the taking of orthodontic records which include impressions of the teeth.  These are used to make an exact replica of the patient’s mouth so that the orthodontist can study the case and come up with a plan to straighten their teeth.

Impressions are molds of the mouth that are taken using plastic trays that fit around the teeth.  A material called alginate is used.  It starts out as a “cookie dough” consistency and turns into a rubbery material in about a minute when placed in your mouth.  We offer a variety of flavors, 24 in fact, such as watermelon, raspberry, chocolate cake, root beer and cotton candy.  It’s always nice to have options.  This helps the patient be part of the decision making process and helps alleviate any anxiety they may have.

colors of bandsAnother fun option that we offer is colored rubber rings to put on the braces.  These are placed on each individual tooth over the bracket and can be changed at each appointment.  We offer a rainbow of colors and the patients can choose each month which color to decorate their braces with.  Some choose team colors, Holiday colors or even rainbow colors.  It is so popular that some of the adults join in the fun and decorate their braces as well.

Not only do you get a finished beautiful smile, but you can have fun along the way.


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