Adult Orthodontics

There are some adults who did not have the opportunity to have braces as a child or have had problems develop as they have gotten older. Whatever the case, it is not too late to improve your bite and your smile. There are differences with the correction of an adult bite compared to a child. First, the bones are more dense and sometimes it takes longer to move the teeth. There may be an underlying skeletal problem which requires a surgical procedure to correct the misaligned jaws so that the teeth will fit together. Growth modification can be done with a growing child but after growth has ceased, a surgical procedure is the only way to change the jaw position.
Misaligned jaws can involve one jaw or both jaws. The orthodontist works with the oral surgeon to plan and make the correction. The orthodontist places the braces and aligns the teeth within the arches prior to the surgical procedure so that the teeth will fit after the surgery. This preparation usually takes 9-12 months. Th surgery is done with the braces on. After the surgery, rubberbands are worn to complete the correction of the bite and this stage takes 9-12 months.
The entire correction takes 18-24 months with the surgery mid-treatment.
Some adults had braces as a child but have had some shifting over time. It may be possible to do some minor corrections with spring retainers or aligners.
Your smile is a connection between two people. You should be proud of it and use it often. Just remember, it is never too late to make improvements.


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